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Mazatlan has several very large food/department stores similar to a Super Target or Wal-Mart Superstore.  The local favorites are Mega, Sorianna and LeyMega and Sorianna are closest and of the two we much prefer Mega.  But the best option for quality and cost is Sam’s Club.  Most food items are generally available, the stores are clean but busy, and you can use your US credit cards.  Interestingly, all local grocery stores (including Sam’s) sell beer, liquor and wine.
Use the attached link to locate specific stores: http://www.maps-of-mexico.com/mazatlan-map-interactive/shopping-services/mazatlan-mexico-map-shopping-interactive.shtml

Seafood and Meats

Mazatlan is home to the world's largest shrimp fleet, so expect to see lots of shrimp on Mazatlan seafood restaurant menus. In addition, local fishermen bring in a fresh catch of other seafood each morning, everything from clams and oysters to Marlin. You can buy a kilo (2.2 pounds) of very large fresh prawn (beheaded) or lobster tails for less than $10 at the Shrimp Market located on Avenida A Serdan at the intersection of Luis Zuniga (near the Fisherman’s Monument).  FYI, there is also a flower market on the same street.
The meats at Sam’s Club are pretty good but the locals (including the best restaurants) all prefer a small meat shop just across the street from the Pueblo Bonito Hotel.  Hendersons is a meat supplier, not a butcher shop, per se.  But they have excellent fillets, pork chops, chicken etc at very reasonable prices.

Beer and Wine

Beer is produced locally (Pacifico offers brewery tours daily) and consistently great and easy to find.  Wine is a bit harder but life got a whole lot better when Castell del Vino opened in November.  They are located at Av. Camaron Sabalo No 216-A (the main street in the Golden Zone) across the street from the Royale Sports Book.  They have a retail side and if you need a case or more they’ll let you in the back wholesale operation that is separate from the retail shop but owned by the same individuals.  Ask for Joel Milan Macias.

Cyndi's Choice for hair no matter what you want done.

Tippy Toes - ask for owner Deborah Rodriguez
This place is amazing. I had the best cut/color (highlights, lowlights and some in between colors) ever and for about half the price I pay in Texas. By the way, Deborah is a best-selling author. Be sure to talk with her about her years in the Middle East.

Marrakesh Spa & Boutique
This is the best place for pedicures and manicures in all of Mazatlan. They are very clean, girls are sweet and prices are incredible. Be sure to walk upstairs to the boutique. Some of the finest take hope gifts for those you love are in this boutique, promise you.

To contact Marrakesh and Tippy Toes dial from local house phone, not the Vonage line, to 981-3463 or contact them via the web at www.tippytoesmaz.com

The address for each one is Sixto Osuna 115 Olas Altas Centro Historico

Best Spa
The gorgeous, over the top spa located in the Pueblo Bonita at Emerald Bay. Plan to spend some time there. You will enjoy everything they offer. Prices similar to the States. This truly is the place for extreme pampering and peaceful surroundings.

Clothing and Jewelry

The best department store in Mazatlan is called Fabricas.  There is one anchoring the Gran Plaza mall just beside Sam’s Club and a second one in El Centro. There are a series of small boutiques along Av. Playa Gaviotas behind the Playa Mazatlan hotel but Mazatlan is not a center of high fashion.  Fortunately the ladies will find some wonderful jewelry shops along that same street (sorry gentlemen).  We particularly like Royal Jewelers, Av. Playa Las Gaviotas 212.  The shop is small but the articles were similar to what you’ll see at Neiman’s and consistently of great style and quality. (We worked with Robby Kripalani and always paid well less than ½ the listed retail price.)

Shopping in Mazatlan