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Bora Bora


Fiesta Land, Mazatlan , Mexico  

Review From A Tourism Web Site

“The undisputed ruler of Mazatlan's bar scene is Bora Bora. Located at the north end of the beach [in Fiesta Land and next to Valentinos], it is a 2,000-capacity bar, mostly open-air dance club, the-reason-we-came-to-Mazatlan-to-begin-with place. It has elevated dance cages, two dance areas and, for those who really like to cut loose, a wide bar that often has patrons starting party trains on top of the it. There's also a "rest area" with picnic tables at practically water's edge, making for an ideal spot to soak up the drinks under a star-filled night.”

Joe’s Oyster Bar


Av. Rodolfo T. Loaiza 100, Mazatlan
On the beachfront at Los Sábalos Hotel

Review in New York Times

“Beer, burgers, fresh oysters, and high-volume dance music are the house specialties at this casual, palapa-topped, open-air club. It's open daily from 11am to 2am.”

Doug and Cyndi Comments

This is a great place to meet and mingle with tourists and the locals (although after his first night there our son said simply “I gotta learn Spanish.  Lots of good lookin’ women but none of them speak English!”). We went expecting oysters (silly us…they didn’t have any) and/or something good to eat (silly us again).  But a great place on the beach front to dance, drink beer and generally relax.  A whole lot better if you’re younger, of course.




Senor Frogs


Multiple Locations. The biggest and best is just outside the El Cid Main Entrance. (Mazatlan is home base for Senor Frogs)

Review From A Tourism Web Site

“Mazatlan is different from many other Mexican towns in that Senor Frogs is not the wild party spot. The one in Mazatlan definitely gets crowded, but it's the domain of visiting Mexicans and is not usually filled with tourists from other countries. It's also where the locals go to dance. So if it's mingling with local countrymen (and women), this is the place to do it. Getting there requires a cab ride outside of town, making it somewhat isolated from the rest of the party scene.”

Doug and Cyndi Comments

Well its close, and if you ever wanted to wear one of those funny balloon hats this is the place to do it.  A young, bright and professional local recommended the place but we haven’t been yet.